West Sound Hall Rental

The West Sound Community Hall is a public assembly hall, which has been in continuous operation since it was built in 1902. In 1999, the Hall was listed on the Washington Heritage Register. The West Sound Community Club, as steward of the Hall, makes the Hall available for nonprofit purposes. Rental fees, shown below, are used to pay Hall operating and maintenance expenses.

Rental and deposit fees must be paid prior to obtaining access for set-up. Rental fees include use of the meeting room, projector and stage, chairs and tables, kitchen, rest rooms, water, and lights. It does not include trash removal. Cleanup of the Hall including removal of trash from the property the same day as the event are the responsibilities of the renter.

Damage and cleanup deposits, paid in advance, are refundable upon satisfactory inspection of the Hall after the event. If there is damage to the Hall or cleaning is necessary, deductions will be made at the discretion of the Board.

Please check thecalendar for availability.

Rental Rates

Half day (4 hr)All dayDeposit
Orcas non-profit organizations$50 or 2 hours for $30*$100None†
WSCC and OIYC Members$50 or 2 hours for $30*$100None†
Off-island non-profit organizations$50$100$300
Individuals and non-public use$40 per hour$300$300
Government sponsored activities$50$50None†

Use Restrictions

The West Sound Community Hall is a non-smoking facility.

The West Sound Community Club Board of Directors reserves the right to deny use of the West Sound Community Hall to any individual or organization without exception.

The West Sound Community Hall may not be used for either personal or organizational monetary gain or to promote business activities. The only exceptions to this restriction are:

  1. Use for fund raising activities sponsored by the West Sound Community Club, a nonprofit corporation, for purposes specified in Article II of the Bylaws of the West Sound Community Club.
  2. Use for fund raising activities sponsored by qualified nonprofit organizations with prior approval by the President of the West Sound Community Club. (Such activities must be less than five days in length and more than 50% of the proceeds must be distributed to the sponsoring nonprofit organization.)

Any individual or organizational nonpublic use of the hall which requires payment of a fee by those attending or offers items for sale must be approved in advance by the Board of Directors of the West Sound Community Club.

If liquor is to be served, renter is responsible for obtaining the appropriate license from theWashington State Liquor Control Board.

Use of the Hall is subject to renter completing a Hall Rental Application which includes an agreement to abide by certain rules and restrictions.

The Hall must be left clean and renter must remove trash from Hall property on the day of the event.


Maximum occupancy of the Hall is restricted to 126 people. Maximum table seating is 84 people.


There is limited public parking available along both sides of Deer Harbor Road west of the Hall. However, additional parking for Hall events may be arranged on the grounds of the Orcas Island Yacht Club picnic shelter located east of the Hall. (Yacht Club events have priority on the use of this parking area.) When this parking area is available, use for most nonpublic events requires a $50 donation to the Yacht Club. Use of the Yacht Club parking area for activities other than parking, such as catering activities, bonfires and picnics is not allowed.

Contact the Property Manager for details on parking.


The Hall is accessible by wheelchair using a ramp on the west side. The bathrooms are not handicap accessible.