Welcome to the New WSCC Website

by Tony Grosinger

In the early 2000's, the West Sound Community Club leadership put a massive effort into improving the hall's physical foundation, however it's easy to overlook the incredible amount of work that was also put into less tangible aspects of the hall.

The original version of this website was launched in 2004. It was one of the first digital archives of the history of West Sound and how central the hall was to this community. This updated version of the website preserves this historical collection and aims to expand it with information collected by the Club over the years.

Screenshot of the original West Sound Hall website

Screenshot of the original West Sound Hall website.

Along with the website, past Boards have worked to incorporate the Club, make the hall available for rental by the community, and even added the hall to the WA Heritage Register. There's so much more to the hall than just potlucks, and this website hopes to share this with the West Sound Community.

Thanks for being a part of the West Sound Community!

For posterity, the source code for this website along with instructions for developing and updating it can be found here.