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What kind of dishes, glasses, pots, pans, serving items, etc. are available in the Hall for renters to use?
None. Dishes, pots, eating utensils and tablecloths currently in the Hall are not included in the rental. They are the property of the Orcas Island Yacht Club, one of the Hall's tenants. Please plan to bring your own cooking and serving dishes.

Are there any coffee makers or urns?
Yes. There are two 55-cup coffee makers. Both require about 45 minutes to complete their heating cycle.

Are there tables in the Hall?
There are 21 rectangular folding tables (30"x72").. There is also one serving table, 36"x97" and one square table 45"x 45" which look best with table cloths. 

How many chairs are there?
There are approximately 118 unmatched metal folding chairs.

Where can I get a liquor permit?
Permit Applications can be obtained from the Washington State Liquor Control Board or at any state liquor store. In Eastsound, the state liquor store is next to the Village Stop convenience store. There is also a state liquor store near the ferry landing.

What type of cooking facilities are there?
The kitchen has two electric ranges (oven and cook top). There is also a microwave.

How much refrigeration is there?
One refrigerator with freezer above. It is kept empty and is usually turned off between rentals. Westsound Marina can arrange for the refrigerator to be turned on the day before your event.

Does our event have to end by a certain time?
Yes. All events must end by midnight. Post event clean up may be done after, but should be completed by midnight if possible.

Can we set up the day before the event?
Often the Hall is not in use the day before an event. If the rent is paid AND the Hall has not been rented for the day prior to your event, you can set up the day before your event without paying an additional fee. If someone else wants to rent the Hall the day prior to your event, you will be given the opportunity to reserve the Hall for setup on that day by paying an additional rental fee.

We want to use the Hall on several nonconsecutive days. Can we leave materials or decorations in the Hall without being charged for the period between uses?
The standard rental fee will apply only if the Hall is unsuitable for use by others during the period between your uses AND others wish to use or rent the Hall at that time.

If I rent the Hall for the 4 hour half-day rate, can I use the Hall any time during the day?
Yes. You can use the Hall for four consecutive hours anytime between 6 a.m. and midnight.

Is there a dishwasher and microwave in the Hall?
There is no dishwasher. There is a microwave.

Where do I pick up the key to unlock the Hall?
Westsound Marina makes arrangements for picking up the key after the rental and deposit fees are paid.

Where do I dump the trash?
Trash can be taken to the Orcas Transfer Station on Orcas Road (formerly Horseshoe Highway) approximately halfway to Eastsound. Trash left inside or outside the Hall beyond your rental period will result in forfeit of a significant portion of your deposit. The Transfer Station is open Wednesday through Sunday from 9 to 4.

Is there a sound system?
No. There is a small stage with electrical outlets near by.

If we  bring our own tables, chairs, etc. is there a place to store them prior to the our event?
No. There is no storage space available to renters inside or outside the Hall.

Can the yacht club flags (burgees), and photos be removed from the walls of the Hall for my event?
No. These items are permanent fixtures in the Hall.

Is there a piano in the hall that we can use for our event?
Yes. There is an older upright piano which is usually in reasonable tune.

Can the parking area and picnic shelter east of the Hall be used for activities other than prearranged parking of cars, such as outdoor weddings, entertainment, bonfires, extra seating, etc.?
No. The parking area and the picnic shelter are owned by the Orcas Island Yacht Club. The Yacht Club by-laws specifically prohibit use of the area for any nonmember activities other than prearranged parking for Hall activities.

Is there an additional fee for use of the kitchen area and equipment in the Hall?
Use of the Hall kitchen is included in the half day and day rates for all users. Users who pay an hourly rate can not use the kitchen.

Why do members of the Orcas Island Yacht Club and the West Sound Community Club pay less than other individuals to rent the Hall?
Because these two organizations pay an annual rental fee that makes their members eligible for the lower rate.

Are members of Fidelis Circle also members of the West Sound Community Club?
Some are and some are not. Fidelis Circle is a separate organization which has a long history of supporting the maintenance and operation of the Hall.

Are there any restrictions on O.I.Y.C. and W.S.C.C. "member" rentals of the Hall at the member rate?
Yes. If the Hall is not being rented for the member's own personal use the rental fee will be at the normal rate for the event. For example, a member can rent the Hall at the member rate for a wedding, anniversary celebration, or  birthday party for a member of their immediate family (parent, sibling or child). If a member rents the Hall on behalf of a friend for a wedding, anniversary celebration, or birthday party, then the higher "individual & nonpublic use rates must be paid.

Can I rent the Hall to teach a class and charge those attending a fee?
Only if no one makes a profit from the class. For example, if the total income received from those attending the class is equal to the rent paid for use of the Hall there would be no profit.  However, if any part of the income received was used to pay an instructor then the instructor would make a profit which is not allowed.  

In order to maintain the Hall's exemption from property taxes, any event proposed for the Hall which requires that participants pay a fee to attend must be approved in advance by the Board of Directors of the West Sound Community Club.  

Can an individual or a professional / business group rent the hall for a business related event or activity such as a free seminar?
No. The Hall is not available for any event or activity which "promotes business activity" in any way.  This restriction is necessary in order to preserve the property tax exemption granted the West Sound Community Club by the Washington Department of Revenue.  By law, this restriction is very narrowly construed by the Department of Revenue. (Even the exchange of business cards is considered to be promotion of business activity.)

Can I rent the Hall and put on a benefit concert to raise money for my favorite nonprofit organization?
No. Only nonprofit organizations can rent the Hall for fund raising activities. 

Can our nonprofit organization rent the Hall for a fund raising show put on by paid entertainers?
Only if your nonprofit organization receives more than 50% of the proceeds from the event.




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